International Bootcamps
Learn together with national team coaches and winners of international Olympiads.
We invite your children to take part in the STEM camp which will be held by the coaches of the national team and the winners of international Olympiads in physics and mathematics.
The teachers at our training camps are: winners and prize-winners of the Olympiads, members of the jury of the final stages of the Olympiads, compilers of the tasks of the Olympiads.
  • Pavel Slakaev
    Head of STEM Bachelor's Degree Training at the Central University.
  • Konstantin Parfenov
    Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences. Associate Professor at the Faculty of Physics, MSU.
  • Tatiana Aleshina
    Teacher of the highest category, Laureate of the Moscow Government grant in the field of education.
  • Yuri Skakov
    Coach of the Russian national team from 2019 to 2023. Multiple winner of the President of the Russian Federation Award for preparing winners of international olympiads.
  • Maxim Arkushin
    Leading specialist at the Center for the Development of Physics and Mathematics Education at MIPT.
  • Maria Yuldasheva
    Head coach of the Physics national team of the Novosibirsk region.
  • Tamerlan Tajimov
    The coach of the Kazan team. The author of proprietary teaching methods for Advanced Mathematics. Creator of the course "Quantum Mechanics" for school students.
One week to cover yearly program
  • Theory (lectures + seminars, problem-solving workshops)
  • Experiments (for better understanding of the covered theory)
  • Preparation for International exams and Olympiads
  • Lectures by scientists from MIPT, MSU
Frequently Asked Questions
  • The lesson was clearly explained, the teacher didn't ignore my questions, and if I didn't understand something, she explained it again. The lesson went superbly!!!!
    Elena Kozlova
  • In just half a year of study, I have become much better at solving the tasks for the for General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) and have grasped the topics that were difficult to understand during physics classes in school. Pavel explained the topics concisely and clearly.
    Alexey Ivanov
  • We are very pleased with this school. Thanks to the teacher Maxim, my child has started studying mathematics with enthusiasm. He provides detailed explanations about each lesson.
    Anna Smirnova
  • My daughter, a 6th-grade student, has been studying physics with Yuri for the fourth month. Firstly, the tutor instilled confidence in Katya, which helped her start receiving solid "A's" for her work at the board.
    Sergey Yefimov